The Wave Function of a Wave Equation

Posted by doug
The wave function of a wave looks simple, but simple can be deceptive.
The wave function of a wave equation in spacetime does not move in a bumpy wave through space. It moves along military straight lines (unless you choose different coordinates, which is perfectly valid). The movement starts with pair creation, an agreed apon parting of ways. Movement is slowest at the maximal separation. There is a rush to collide and destroy. Because the animation going in looks like the one going out, there is time reflection. Because there are always two points dancing toward or away from each other, there is a reflection in space. Much of the mystery in interference experiments of quantum mechanics centers around this symmetric spacetime function.
q_graph -out amp -dir int10 -box 1.6 -command 't_function -t_function cos -x_function sin -y_function zero -z_function zero -n_steps 199 -pi 4 -n_t_cycles 300 -n_t_step 0 1 1 0 0' -color yellow

\phi = (cos(\omega t), sin(\omega t), 0, 0)