All valid mathematical expressions in physics should have a visualization, no exceptions.mini_gif.gif While true for clasical physics, people resist the cause if velocities increase, scales shrink, or both. Creative technical visualization is the field we will sow. We can dream of animations of hydrogen and helium atoms, and the transition between the two that is fusion.

Happiness ♡, fame ✩, fortune $ are available here in small doses. Figure out how something in the Universe works makes me happy even if LOTS of other people have figured it out before. All the tutorials aim to bring the joy of deep insight into the plumbing of Nature to a wider audience.

Fame can be quantified by how many people watch an animation or read a thread, numbers that will be displayed on pages. Should a community of animators be established yearly awards will be instituted.

Cash money can be made here. Not much, but something is so much more than nothing. You invest your time, we send you bling. Rules as they evolve will be kept up-to-date on the finances page.

Editors save others time and money by curtailing what gets said and read over popular channels. Yet to learn, wrong paths must be explored. Disk space is cheap, internet distribution is cheap. Time is still precious. Moderators will aid efficient use of visitors time. Moderators may move content to facilitate the organization.

People like to watch other people fight, both verbally and physically. Conflict is interesting. Should you write a moderator about an issue here, be forewarned: their reply will be published here. Others might have the same complaint. A public reply will save the unpaid moderator a few more private email responses. Anyone who only fights in private does not have a strong public position.

Bitch on the boards.

A fringe physicist is someone who tries to make a contribution to physics while lacking he credentials for such an effort. No passionate plea from a fringe physicist will be accepted into the ultra-conservative order until it can be written down as a mathematical expression precise enough to be understood by a symbolic math package, with one of the commercial varieties (Mathematica, Maple, Mathpad) or an open source challenger (, command line quaternions, homebrews).