Sign Up Incentive

Posted by doug

If nerds_know.jpgyou sign up, you may choose to receive a "Nerds Know" bumper sticker. The stickers are numbered from 1 to 1000. Signing up also lets you participate in the forums, or ask a question of the Stand-Up Physicist.

Why offer swag? This stuff is hard to learn. The reason is our brains don't record video. We can deal with 7 digits at one time, not the 4 gigs required for season 3 of "The Golden Girls". Familiar things here look wrong, but are not. That's why the code is open, the command to generate the animation is there, the actual numbers are listed. Call my bluff, but it will require time to understand this stuff. You deserve a reward for the effort.

My cost: $1500 (printing + shipping).