Make Animations, Not War Incentive

Posted by doug

If you sign up and publish 10 new quaternion animations at this web site, I will send the first 100 people a $10 check and a "Brief Definition of Spacetime" button. This software takes time to download and install, time to figure out how to use. The biggest block of time is in figuring out something new to do with the new tool. Sorry, the answers are not in the back of the book.

If you start using this software, I will presume you are good with numbers. Therefore you will figure out that the piece rate of $1 per animation is very bad. Keep the day job. Yet if a little chump change can get a group working in new ways, developing new math can be fun in a way nothing else can. I am willing to invest in making such a community.

My cost: $1200 (cash + buttons + shipping).