Download the software here to make your own spacetime animations.

For developers, the project "Command Line Quaternions is sponsored at You may look at the source code via viewvc.

Quick instructions from INSTALL file

gcc tools

On Ubuntu
sudo apt get install build-essential automake povray imagemagick gnuplot
Must edit /etc/povray/3.6/povray.conf, set non restrictions, allow writing

On MacOS X
Install XCode
sudo port install povray imagemagic gnuplot
Must modify the povray.conf file, wherever it is (use find tool)

ON WINDOWS: will provide imagemagick and gcc tools. has a binary to install
RUN povray, choose menu Options->Script IO Restrictions->NO Restrictions

  1. Download
  2. Unpack with 'tar zxf clq-xxx.tar.gz'
  3. cd clq-xxx
  4. aclocal; automake; autoconf;
  5. ./configure
  6. make
  7. make test
  8. make install

Installing the Software Screencast

Using the Software Screencast

Symbolic Calculations

For those wanting to do analytical quaternion work within Mathematica, you may want to start with this notebook. Quaternions are treated as a 4x4 real matrix which can be treated symbolically. Given the high cost of such commercial software, I am shifting over to Sage, an open source alternative written in Python. On many animation pages, you can see links to the notebooks.