Become an Animation Director Incentive

Posted by doug

If you sign up and publish 100 original quaternion animations here, I will send the first 10 people a $100 check and a Turquoise Einstein t-Shirt. I certainly have run this program more than 100 times, yet most of those have been deleted from the hard drive. To make a 100 animations you are pleased enough to share, that will require a new skill.

The software and this site is designed for major league theme and variation. Like one result, fine, pipe it into another function. Heck, go ahead, make a flipping polynomial out of the result (yes, you can always do this - why you would do it is a different question). There is plenty enough new stuff that can be done. Yet this site requires each animation can be viewed a number of ways - with words, 4 images, math, and numbers. Those requirements are there so we do not waste visitors time: we respect the time people spend scratching their heads looking at this stuff.

My cost: $1300 (cash + t-shirts + shipping).