4D Wire Cube


A 4D wire cube spends most of its time going from -1 to +1 in time, saving the 3D box for start and end.


A 4D wire cube has 4^2 = 16 vertices. We are familiar with the 3 spacial vertices. The two for time are in the past (-1) and the future (+1) from time now (0). Most of the animation is spent going from the past set of 8 spatical vertices to the future set of 8 vertices. When going from one wire vertex to another, only one of the four values may change. A 4D solid vertex would appear at time t = -1, then disappear at +1, never to be seen again. Solid objects in spacetime are transient.

q_graph -out 4D_wire_cube -dir vp -loop 0 -box 1.1 -meta_command generate_cube
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permutations of (\pm 1, \pm 1, \pm 1, \pm 1)

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