The Group SU(3), Symmetry of the Strong Force


The group SU(3) is created by taking the Euclidean product of two electroweak symmetries. Nature may need less tools than the standard model suggests.


This groups is the completely uniform unit quaternion sphere, starting from t=-1, expanding to its maximal size at t=0, then contracting to t=+1. For an observer is now at the center of their private Universe - (0, 0, 0, 0) - when they see an event, no matter what the cause, the event can be scaled to fit on this sphere. The norm of any event in the unit sphere is exactly 1, even if with rulers and atomic clocks a big or small sized measurement could be made.

<p>Because the symmetries U(1), SU(2) and U(1)xSU(2) are formally subgroups of SU(3), there is no need for a larger group to unify these groups. A rather large effort is still required to connect to all we know of the standard model.

q_graph -dir vp -out group_su3 -loop 0 -box 1.1 -command q_group -group U1xSU2xSU3 -n 50000
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(\frac{A}{|A|} exp(A - A^*))^* \frac{B}{|B|} exp(B - B^*) \in SU(3)

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